The Love is Love Bracelet

Karmic Stones

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Love is what it's all about ~ Soothe your heart, and open yourself to all the beautiful expressions of love, most importantly, self-love. Rose Quartz heals emotional trauma while allowing your heart to expand and receive. Howlite calms the incessant chatter of your mind,  heightening your intuition. We put one secret Lava Stone amongst the howlite, to offer strength, courage, and guidance as you navigate your newfound world of love and connectedness. Drop your favorite essential oil on the Lava Stone to smell as magnificent as you'll feel! (Did you notice just the tiniest bit of bling on this one?!)


Beautiful. Powerful. Healing. 


Of course, you've got this! You've always had everything it takes, you're just now starting to realize it. Blue Aventurine commands you to take charge of all aspects yourself, steering clear of anything that stands in your way. Bad habits? Nope - you've got this! No more stagnant energies that have been holding you back... you've come this far and there's nothing to hold you back!


Hand made – matte Rose Quartz & matte Howlite 8mm, natural gemstone beads are strung on durable and stretchy, latex-free cording for a comfortable fit.  


Beautiful. Powerful. Healing.


  • Size: Small, Medium, Large
  • All-natural gemstones
  • Zinc alloy accent charms
  • Karmic Stones gift bag included

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