Rainbow Titanium | Aura Druzy Quartz | Natural Stone Bracelet | Bronze Elephant Charm | 8mm

Karmic Stones

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A stunning piece of wearable art. This 8mm Rainbow Titanium Quartz beaded stretch bracelet is magical! ✨ It displays many beautiful, cosmic-like colors with speckled hints of quartz shining through.The bronze elephant charm adds to the magnificence of these fascinating beads by incorporating a bit of luck to the wearer. 🍀 Titanium Quartz is said to clear a pathway for vital life force to flow. It helps to energize and enliven all the chakras. It’s effective in quieting the mind, relaxing the body, and tuning out the rest of the world, which offers a sense of balance, being centered, and grounded. It helps to dispel sorrow, replacing it with joy by stimulating humor and relaxation.

This can be customized for size/or without the elephant charm. Please send a message to inquire.

                                             Beautiful. Powerful. Healing. 

 ✨Crystal and gemstone healing can complement and support our well-being, however it should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. If you, or someone you know is experiencing a serious health issue, please contact a healthcare professional.
The belief of using crystals and gemstones for healing emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually has been used in all ancient cultures around the world. The touted history of gemstones does not guarantee that you will have the same experience. 

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