Positive Mind/Positive Vibes/Positive Life ~ Engraved Inspirational Rock

Karmic Stones

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The perfect and unique gift to make a most memorable impression for anyone in your life. Send our engraved, inspirational stone Positive Mind/Positive Vibes/Positive Life... just because!

Your gift will include:

  • Polished river stone selected especially for your order*
  • Eco-friendly, unbleached cotton, drawstring bag that is of course reusable
  • Hand-written, personalized message with your words
  • Keepsake card with this more expansive message:

You are made of energy. Your frequency is ultimately determined by your thoughts – your thoughts create emotions, your emotions create your vibration, which is a magnet for the Universe. Once you become consciously aware of how powerful your thoughts are, you’ll recognize that you truly hold the golden key that manifests your reality. Acknowledge each small moment that you can be grateful for. Imagine any words you speak, coming from your heart instead of your mind. Love and kindness vibrate at the highest frequencies… be the energy you want to attract.


* Please note that the colors, shapes, and sizes of our stones (2.5" - 4.0") vary and while we do put careful attention on making sure each of our stones is beautiful, they are not guaranteed to be the exact colors and shapes as pictured. Engraved messages may be enhanced with either black or silver. We do not replace stones unless broken in shipment. 

Still have questions? Please contact us at info@karmicstones.com

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