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Keep Shining Beautiful One, The World Needs Your Light ~ Engraved Inspirational Rock

Karmic Stones

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Extend your message of inspiration and encouragement with our Keep Shining Beautiful One, The World Needs Your Light engraved river stone. Surely the recipient of this gift will feel supported and loved, knowing how incredibly important they are to you. If ever doubt arises, they'll be reassured of how much you believe in them. After all, they'll have this gift forever!

Your gift will include:

  • Polished river stone selected especially for your order
  • Eco-friendly, unbleached cotton, drawstring bag that is of course reusable
  • Hand-written, personalized message with your words
  • (optional)
  • Keepsake card with this more expansive message:

You are a unique and beautiful soul. Look at how far you’ve come! Admire yourself for all that you’ve been through. You may not be where you want to be quite yet, but neither are you where you used to be. Celebrate your journey! You’ve made it this far and have survived even the worst of days. You are wiser and more aware than ever. Your experiences have equipped you to thrive more than ever before. Your unique being is as valuable to the fabric of this Universe as any, and your destiny is abundance. The world sees and loves your Light! And so do I.


*Please note that the colors, shapes, and sizes of our stones (2.5" - 4.0") vary and while we do put careful attention into making sure each of our stones is beautiful, they are not guaranteed to be the exact colors and shapes as pictured. Our polished river rocks have natural imperfections (cracks, blemishes, inclusions, holes) that are characteristic of all natural stone. 

Engraved messages may be enhanced with either black or silver. We do not replace stones unless broken in shipment. 

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