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Inhale The Future Exhale The Past ~ Engraved Inspirational Rock

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When you're chartering new territories, previous experiences can cause fear and discomforts to arise. Remind someone you care about, how very much they have to look forward to. The future is bright and welcoming, regardless of what the past may have been. Our inspirational, engraved stone Inhale The Future Exhale The Past will be a gift that lasts a lifetime. Each time they see this beautiful stone, they will think of you and remember how very much much you cared. 

Your gift will include:

  • Polished river stone selected especially for your order
  • Eco-friendly, unbleached cotton, drawstring bag that is of course reusable
  • Hand-written, personalized message with your words (optional)
  • Keepsake card with this more expansive message:

Everything you’ve experienced thus far has contributed to who you are at this present moment. Your stories dictate so much of how you view yourself and the world around you. Everything that has been part of your journey has helped to evolve you to where you are today. The only moment you have is the present one – embrace it! The only life you can potentially create is in front of you – the world truly is your oyster! Take a deep breath, breathing in a welcoming energy of confidence and anticipation for all the new, beautiful experiences that are waiting to be had. Trust the wisdom you’ve gained has you perfectly equipped to brilliantly mold your future. Breath out… all discomforts of lessons that have been had – they’ve served their purpose in your journey, and can now be gracefully released. 


*Please note that the colors, shapes, and sizes of our stones (2.5" - 4.0") vary and while we do put careful attention into making sure each of our stones is beautiful, they are not guaranteed to be the exact colors and shapes as pictured. Our polished river rocks have natural imperfections (cracks, blemishes, inclusions, holes) that are characteristic of all natural stone. 

Engraved messages may be enhanced with either black or silver. We do not replace stones unless broken in shipment. 

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