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Don't Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle ~ Engraved Inspirational Rock

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Inspire your friend, your child or anyone in your life whose unique flair needs to be celebrated. A perfect rockin' gift for graduations, birthdays, new jobs or "just because." Our engraved, inspirational stone Don't Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle will send a little spirit to that remarkable individual who is passionate, ambitious, dreams fearlessly, and inspires you to do the same. After all, even the 'livest of wires' sometimes need a little sprinkle of glitter!

 Your gift will include:

  • Polished river stone selected especially for your order*
  • Eco-friendly, unbleached cotton, drawstring bag that is of course reusable
  • Hand-written, personalized message with your words
  • Keepsake card with this more expansive message:

You are magnificent – just as you are, in this very moment. It can be hard to remember this when you’re in the throes of a lousy interaction with someone, but remember, you always have the power to control how you feel. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt once said, and she is right. You are here for a reason and you playing it small serves no one – you were meant to shine! Go on… being your authentic self. Let people see the beautifully flawed, quirky, imperfect and magical being that you are! Never, ever be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else. Sparkle on!


*Please note that the colors, shapes, and sizes of our stones (2.5" - 4.0") vary and while we do put careful attention into making sure each of our stones is beautiful, they are not guaranteed to be the exact colors and shapes as pictured. Our polished river rocks have natural imperfections (cracks, blemishes, inclusions, holes) that are characteristic of all natural stone. 

Engraved messages may be enhanced with either black or silver. We do not replace stones unless broken in shipment. 

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